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FitGrip Introductory Pack

$ 69.99

The FitGrip Introductory Pack includes everything you need to start using your FitGrip. 

Two FitGrips

The FitGrip measures 6.63 inches in length and is made of a semi rigid, impact resistant polymer. It features two ultra-strong paracord loops are designed to fit over each end of your chosen hand weight, and a welded D-ring to connect the Strong Stride Resistance Bands. 

Strong Stride Resistance Bands

The Strong Stride Resistance Bands range in weight from 4 lbs - 75 lbs. The bands can be used together at one time to create multiple levels of resistance. The bands feature a metal clipping system for attaching to the FitGrip. The Strong Stride Resistance Bands also includes a door anchor, carrying bag, two ankle strap, and two soft foam handles. 

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