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Strong Stride Cardio Strength DVD

$ 20.00

Strong Stride Cardio Strength is a high intensity interval workout that will give you a great running workout in a short amount of time. Whether you are a runner looking to get stronger and improve your times or you just like challenging yourself with a great workout to improve your fitness and health, this is the DVD for you.

The DVD is broken up into 3 express workouts, (Lower Body Workout, Upper Body Workout, and Core Workout). Each workout consists of a short warm-up followed up by 3 sets of 10 exercises, 10 repetitions per exercise. There is only a break at the end of each set, so you are going to start feeling these workouts very quickly in your whole body and especially your heart.
My goal is to keep you out of breath for the whole express workout!
This routine is meant for runners and anyone else who wants to really improve every aspect of their strength and conditioning. If you stick with it, you’ll start to see some impressive gains in stamina, conditioning and your stride.

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